Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Day 12 Prompt: Nostalgia. The photograph I used is below and can be found here. I have always been a big fan of Sylvia Plath but I have never familiarized myself with Ted Hughes's writing. So what follows isn't based in any way on any reading of/about Hughes. Just felt I should clarify.

I am allowed to want to have held you a little bit closer.

memory, fondness.
Within which fold of your skirt,
Underneath which eyelid,
and in which of the etchings
on your palms?

Or had it been too late then
to make separate piles of you:
One for the children,
one for the peanut-munchers,
one for us.
And the rest?

I do not know about the rest.
After all, there are things you
had all but decided for me.
There are days you
waved flags right under my nose
But who was I to stop you
in the name of good health
at the expense of poetry?

It was either in a poem
or a nightmare
that you asked me to be
your lover first
and then your vampire.
And who was I to refuse?

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