Thursday, 14 April 2011


Sammi Speaks

There were no trains to take us anywhere.
No bookstores in which to take shelter.
No quirky aunt of yours who would take us in.

I have had to pull words out
of your mouth like floss, like gold.
There are many days that I noticed
lullabies rippling in your eyes.
I had asked,
"Do you think I am beautiful?"

You never really answered
loud enough for me to hear,
but I have only just realized
that you never really asked, either.

And I did not know
what questions you had
about kisses, about guns,
or even about
did I think you were beautiful?

Noora, before you fell into my fingers
it would have been easy
to answer that question.

"Play the piano for me,"
I said, and you shook
your head, your hands
and your eyes at me.

How I wanted to take
you by the arm and show you the world
outside your brain.

To tell you
you were the prettiest
ugly girl I have ever known,
and I love you.


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