Thursday, 14 April 2011


Prompt: Sonnet!

First, you must know this history, this
Spontaneous misalignment of circumstance
weaving webs of questions and dreams, this
Marriage of sorts, this ironic dance
between physics and the dainty sway of grapevines.
And now, notice this dormant willpower--
Notice how time has weathered the guidelines,
And yet how strictly you follow them still.
It's not a matter of waking up, it's more
of feeling for your pulse every once in a while.
of leaving post-it notes on your mirror, in your drawers
that say:

I am allowed to wrap answers round my fingers, to respond, retreat, or resist,
To be made of hay sticks or diamonds, or anything in between. I exist.


  1. wrap answers in your fingers, wow.
    divine line.

    join poetry today, we are open at 8pm.


  2. ah ! sonnet .. something i so admire in those who can even manage to write it .. well or not .. but this was superbly done !