Thursday, 21 April 2011



if i were a middle-aged man
on a desk with a swivelling chair
in an office and it was my job
to come up with names
for things that don't really need them
i would call this the age of
quieting questions and
loud corrections

after all you are always happy
to let me know that the actual name
of the obnoxiously bright one next to the yellow
is carnation pink, and also,
i got the order wrong
it goes: midnight to navy to
violet to cornflower
and finally periwinkle but
you're not really sure
where the regular blue belongs

crayola boasts sixty four
"different, brilliant colors"
of crayons in your box
but that number doesn't
impress you as much as it used to

and you have been looking for
all the other ones in places like
under the bed or where
the ladybugs go at night

and who knows

maybe in a couple dozen years
you and i will be middle-aged men
on desks with swivelling chairs
in an office where we are paid
to make big decisions like

this one would most likely taste
like blueberry cheesecake and
i will call this one "grandpa's hands"
because it reminds me of the smell
of orange peel
on fingernails
in newborn winters.


  1. Cool vibe and interesting write - now I wish I could be a Crayola exec...

  2. I like the way you ordered and named all the colors of blue - flows very well.

  3. apt words on blue.
    well done.