Saturday, 23 April 2011


there is something
poignant about the prayer
of a woman
who did not ask
for any of this

she lifts her palms
towards the sky
as if they were a book
in which she has etched

all the dull aches whose
stories she cannot remember
all the tangles of promises
from pig-tailed girls
and old women who
hold on to the tissue too long
all the discolorations,
the red-faced thoughts
that had been caught
wandering just outside
her window and all of
the throbbing questions with
a neon-green aftertaste
the billowing uncertainties
of having been
a girl and
a student and a mother and
a wife and a patient and
a shoulder and a seer and
 and not remembering the order

all of that is displayed
for god to look at and take notes
and nod and for the angels to sweep
and for the devil to have
for breakfast (one of these days)

and all i see is a woman in
funny looking clothes
opening her hands
and closing her eyes

and that, i suppose
is what is poignant about
a woman who did not ask
for any of this
but will gladly take care of it
until her prayers are answered

thank you for the award
there is beauty in
the dainty grace of questions
still unraveling


  1. prayers,

    bless you..Happy Monday.

  2. Hello:

    You have won The Perfect Poet Award Week 42, Due to your performance in the present or previous Poets Rally!

    Please leave a link under the award post after you take it,

    This award will Not be given to poets who previously rejected it.

    Happy Writing, Thanks for the support!

  3. I totally love this poem !!! wow !