Saturday, 9 April 2011


together, sound

after the first few times i drew patterns
on the back of your hand, i opened
my mouth and out fell a question.
you smiled.

since then, we have become very different people.
we have learned each others' breath.
we have memorized the veins in the softest parts of our arms.
we have made, together, sound.

like on the bus ride to Aqaba,
with only our backpacks and the keys in your pocket
we laughed as if it would save us,
and we announced to the sea that we were in love.

or when you finally met my mother
and i met yours.
we had no reservations.
we made it clear: this was ours.

we made, together, sound.

but not when he stood, goldfish eyes,
knees locked, and a gun to your forehead.
not while he counted your sins on his fingers
and barked. not then.

that night, we were both quite alone
and very much quiet.

1 comment:

  1. u deserve a larger audience
    ur poems are excellent
    every piece rings
    with truth
    is vibrant
    full of life's energy

    i will continue
    to explore
    ur blog

    peace & love
    my sister